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Amendments phase is open

Avatar: Coordination Comittee
Coordination Comittee

After a few months of work, the drafting committee has the texts ready. They have been written on the basis of the comments gathered in the Metadecidim debates and in the community meeting we held last May.

We now open the phase of amendments and comments to the text, so that you can make your contributions:

  • ūüí¨ Write a comment explaining your position for or against that part of the text.
  • ūüďĚ Amend the text to propose an alternative wording

Access the different texts to read them and participate:

You have until Thursday 12/10 to participate. Afterwards, the drafting committee will review and incorporate the contributions. Finally, the final documents will be voted on at the Open General Assembly on 18/10.

The Drafting Committee is made up by:

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