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Amendments phase is open
After a few months of work, the drafting committee has the texts ready. They have been written on the basis of the comments gathered in the Metadecidim debates and in the community meeting we held last May.We now open the phase of amendments and comments to the text, so that you can make your contributions: 💬 Write a comment explaining your position for or against that part of the text. 📝 Amend the text to propose an alternative wording Access the different texts to read them and participate: Econom…
We extend the deadlines for discussion and announce a Community Meeting
Attention! We are extending the deadline to participate in the debate on sustainability, governance and management in Metadecidim until 25 May and we are announcing a Community Meeting to discuss all these issues in greater depth. The outcome of this process will mark the future of the project, so it is essential that you participate by giving your opinion in the different open debates.How can you participate?💬 Leave your comment in any of the open debates and vote for the comments you agree wit…
New participatory process just dropped: Sustainability, governance and partnerships of Decidim
From the Coordination Committee we are promoting this participatory process in accordance with the commitments we made when we were elected.This participatory process, which we open to the whole community, aims to address issues related to sustainability, project management and community. Specifically, the main issues we want to bring up for discussion are: Economic sustainability Management and roles of the Technical Office Technological governance Partnership - Partners Relationship Collaborations I…


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