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SOM 18th: Practical uses of Decidim in the Covid-19 crisis

  • Youtube
  • 16:00 PM - 18:00 PM CEST
OpenStreetMap - Barcelona
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

We invite the entire MetaDecidim community to participate in the first telematic SOM!

In this SOM we will learn about new Decidim instances that have arisen around the convid-19 health crisis. Based on these experiences, we will discuss how we can improve Decidim to adapt to the new context and the growing demand for digital participation.

The current confinement situation, caused by the health emergency of COVID-19, implies that the social and work life of people depends largely on social networks and new technologies. This unusual situation has forced us to adapt, changing the ways and the means to make decisions, debate or make conferences. In this meeting we want to discuss how we can respond, from Decidim, to this new reality, which conditions the present moment and will mark the nearest future.


After the presentation of each experience and following a round of questions, we will organize ourselves around the following working groups

  1.    Possible tool improvements
  2.    How Decidim can increase democracy at a time like this
  3.    Requirements for digital tools to contain the virus (e.g. Chaos Computer Club) - This debate has been cancelled because it was too few people.
  4.    Digital citizen self-organization and institutional management of the crisis through digital tools

How it works:

The presentations of each instance will be streamed on Youtube.

  • Q&A: Questions to speakers will be left as comments on this page. To comment, you must be registered at Metadecidim. The time for questions and answers will be limited, so the most voted ones will be prioritized.
  • Working groups: Once the presentations and the Q&A are finished, the working groups will start in Jitsi rooms. You can find the links to each room in the list above.

(Watch the streaming ☝️ or listen to it on Ràdio Decidim)

Listen to the talk on Radio Decidim


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