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Community Stewardship meeting

  • Online
  • 15:00 PM - 16:00 PM CEST
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

This meeting happened in 2024, and was organized on the Community working group Element channel.

Meeting Minutes


Metadecidim first day will be dedicated to the community, how could we organize (or not) this day?

Some groups could self-organize:

  • DICE

  • Working groups

  • Individuals wanting to discuss specific things

First hours of the morning, we could organize an icebreaker activity

10h: Open doors, main introduction

10h30: icebreaker (speed dating, where is Wallie?)

11h: open space for groups to talk (do good signaletics)

15h/16h: General assembly

17h30: Beers

To do:

  • Propose an ice breaking activity for the morning (Ruth)

  • Hadrien will check with DICE

Community meetings

Hadrien did it alone, they were 2 or 3 and stopped the meeting 10 min after.

We'll have to do one after the Fest, in October?


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