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Community ressources

This list is an evolving collection of official & community organization resources, guides and templates. See something missing? Let us know in the chat!

Ressources, guides and typologies

Community meetings typology explanation

This document was approved by the General Assembly of the Decidim Association in March 2023, to clarify what we wanted as community events. Community Meetings and Themattic Committees (eng)

How to create a working group?

This document tries to set the process to create and prioritize working groups for domains of decision [Decidim] steering through community

Governance of working groups

We describe here several agreements that together provides a clear governance over thematic committees. Proposal for thematic commity can be proposed and is actionable.

Set up a Community Call

This document help facilitate a community meeting. Quick guide to set up a Community Call

Community calls

Communications for social media for community meeting

This document is used to communicate about community meetings on the different social media. Comms for promoting the Decidim Community Meeting

Slides for community meeting

This document can serve as a template for community meetings presentations. 20240115 - Decidim Community Call #2

Scientific research about OS communities

Waiting update

Waiting update

Tools & utilities

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Waiting update


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