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Data Extraction, Materiality and Agency

  • 🟠 Face-to-face: at the Canòdrom stage with the speakers present
    Carrer de Concepción Arenal 165, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya
  • 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM CEST
OpenStreetMap - Carrer de Concepción Arenal 165, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

🎙Xarxa de Ràdios Comunitàries de Barcelona

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Our so-called networked society has failed so far to transpose the logic of interconnectedness into our lives. Citizens are becoming increasingly machine-like and dependent on data, threatening the connection between humans and their natural habitats. Although most of our daily transactions are carried out through electronic devices, we know very little of the apparatus that facilitates such interactions, or in other words, about the factory that lies beyond the interface. In this talk, we will discuss the interface as a well-engineered capitalist machine that disconnects users from the material complexities of global chains of commodity and data production—and also social reproduction—with the aim of increasing economic profit. Thus, it is necessary to trace the connections that exist between things—as well as the workload involved in the basic maintenance of those connections—if the user is to fully understand the systems they operate in, in order to balance and repair the profoundly asymmetrical distribution of agency, energy, labor, time, care and resources within these planetary networks.

*This session will be conducted in Catalan. In conversation with Andreu Belsunces.

Joana Moll Presentation
Joana Moll Presentation
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