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27 meetings

Towards a Feminist Internet
Refactoring Gender
Research Driven Art
☕️ Break
Citizen Assemblies
The deliberative wave: where it comes from and how to catch it
Participation by Design
Anonymous vs the anonymous far right: two sides of the same coin? Or bifurcated paths?
☕️ Break
Strategies and alliances to curb hate and fear in a polarized world
No Man 's Land? Bodies that matter in the democracy Silicon Valley style
Situated technologies and digital self-management
Xarxa Oberta. Open Network for digital inclusion in the neighborhoods
🍽️Lunch break
Decidim Stories
An outlaw technology to create information freedom in science
☕️Lunch break
Technopolitical Panel: participation and research
🍽️Lunch break
Decidim Dialogues: Sustainability-scalability in free software projects
Resisting Digital Colonialism
Networks in the Age of Platform Capitalism
☕️ Break
Digital borders and surveillance humanitarianism
After platform capitalism and the discourse of voluntary servitude
Opening: The urgency of technological democratization in times of pandemic
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