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405 proposals

Picker in Modal within Scopes don´t show special characters
Assembly "Admin has added you" notification includes unresolvable URL
Prevent proposals from re-sorting on multi-paged lists
Tool tip text displayed with tags on "Visit URL" link
Admin partner logo missing triggers server error
Google sign-in icon reduced to tiny size when unregistered user makes new proposal
Proposal templates without line breaks or with html characters (when I define a new template)
Error als links de les trobades
Docker installation Decidim development fails
Error 500 after creating user. Decidim Initiatives
Special character like ampersand not accepted on email subject
Terms & conditions preview is not readable on Register page
Merge & Split proposals
CallToAction button on Phases
Nickname prefix wraps on certain view widths
Not authorized view od the question components
Impossible to create component Sortitions
FIltering results via category
CSV per convidar usuaris privats no mostra motiu d'error
Announcement message displays on meeting form
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