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405 proposals

[WCAG 2.1 / AA: 3.2.2] Do not dynamically change the page content on filtering forms
Impossible to make a form in a duplicate meeting
When you create a meeting, notification is sent to the participants even if it is not published
Al editar una proposta es perd la geolocalització
Error merging proposals that come from a meeting
No funciona correctament el procés de votació en una consulta
Error 500 when creating a participatory text without an uploaded file
Les insígnies no contabilitizen correctament els followers del meu perfil
Missing part of url: notification where a file is attached
Default org colors still show up for a milisecond at loading
Decidim Team Assembly is shown 3 times
Debate category is not saved correctly
Participatory texts - too many restrictions on editing proposals
Validació de la longitud de les propostes
Participatory texts - several format issues in document view
Limiting the value of projects for participatory budgets
Last activity feed is not working properly
Tamaño del archivo del Documento de Identidad - Falta de aviso
No es poden afegir més d'un adjunt a les propostes des del panell d'administració
Threshold support/voting needs to be better distinguished from maximum votes
Static map disable HERE map functionality
Unable to change Categories on proposals
Crear tipos de ámbito, no funciona
Amendment not withdrawn
El nou buscador, està mostrant propostes que no estan públicades
Group endorsements do not work properly
Hipervínculos para seguimiento
Picture in newsletter have wrong URL and not shown
"Back" link brings to "Complete" step when comparing proposals
El cos de la proposta no es renderitza correctmaent
Wrong label "No participants" in Participant CardM
Enlace Plan (pdf) roto. Redirección a portada en vez de resultado.
Some styles have been changed/lost in cards
Error in configuration limit of files to be uploaded in the process of user validation by DNI
Proposed improvements to the user validation flow
Fijar tamaño de celdas y resolver problemas de interlineados en tarjetas
Withdrawn proposals should not be selectable in sortitions
Accés al submenú "Participants privades"
Error 422 for password too short when they invite you
The results within a project are not shown chronologically in the public view
Modal window doesn't close - receive HTML page
Falta informació a notificacions de trobada
Newsletter Preview
Error on languages duplicating a meeting
Clicking on edit a proposal from the frontend leads you to the general table of proposals.
After the user accepts the TOS, they are redirected back to the TOS page
Participació en xifres surt els quadres en negre.
Merge & Split proposals
Problema con el servidor cuando pasas página de followers
The privacy feature doesn't duplicate in a new process of an original private process
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