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402 proposals

FIltering results via category
Multiple authorship is lost when collaborative draft is published
Actualización estado campana de notificaciones
Static map disable HERE map functionality
Ordenar dates de les trobades/asambleas
Error when generating external component: uninitialized constant Decidim::Generators::ComponentGenerator::Bundler (NameError)
Two buttons "create" and "send" when creating a managed user
Use target "_blank" for attachments & external links
No desa configuració butlletins a la configuració de notificacions
Dashboard crashes when Proposals are deleted
The proposal sidebar layout is broken on tablet portrait screens
No resta el comentari amagat per moderació en el recompte de comentaris
Error en la traducció de Properes Trobades en català
Notifications does not work on Metadecidim
Wrong dates debates and Order Debates
Linking proposals to results for accountability
Signatura iniciativa a través de SMS
Amendments can't be blocked
Some styles have been changed/lost in cards
Invitació a participar bloqueja el registre d'usuari
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