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26 proposals

Titol dades estadístiques processos
Error related to special characters to user names
"Daughters' assemblies" are still shown despite having been unpublished
The withdrawn proposals are taken into account with the limit of proposals per user
Unable to manage Consultations components
Error en notificacions email en canviar d'estat una proposta
Debate category is not saved correctly
Search engine on initiative doesn't work properly
Multiple authorship is lost when collaborative draft is published
Error on languages duplicating a meeting
Error showing meetings that takes place during more than a day
El cos de la proposta no es renderitza correctmaent
Quan faig login al Detall d'una Trobada, em redirigeix al mapa
Afegir títol de l'espai participatiu a la Card de trobades, al llistat general de trobades
Error en la visualització dels comentaris a l'Ultima Activitat (HOME)
Cambiar logotipo oficial pie de página
Sign button text doesn't change to "already signed" for initiatives
[CRITICAL] Vote/support button not responsive
Inconsistent home page statistics vs dataviz (different numbers and labels)
Language switcher doesn't work in Homepage widgets
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