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This is a collaborative draft for a proposal. This means that you can help their authors to shape the proposal using the comment section below or improve it directly by requesting access to edit it. Once the authors grant you access, you will be able to make changes to this draft.

[ES] Comunidad y Gobernanza / [EN] Community and governance

[ES] La comunidad será aquellos participantes que se registren en meta.decidim por los que se definirán unos derechos y deberes. La gobernanza será aquellos participantes que se verifiquen mediante los criterios de verificación con los derechos y deberes inherentes de los participantes de la comunidad más derechos y deberes de carácter de orientación de decisión. [EN] The commuinty will be those participants who register in meta.decidim. Some rights and duties will be defined. Governance will be those participants who are verified through the verification criteria with the inherent rights and duties of the community participants plus rights and duties of decision.


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