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This is a collaborative draft for a proposal. This means that you can help their authors to shape the proposal using the comment section below or improve it directly by requesting access to edit it. Once the authors grant you access, you will be able to make changes to this draft.

[EN] Relationship with companies and their contribution to Decidim / [ES] Relación de empresas y su contribución a Decidim

[EN] In order to advance in the self-financing of Decidim we need to carry out a participatory process where the contribution criteria (economic, in code and practices) of the companies that work with Decidim are clarified. We propose that companies have a certificate of "companies with Decidim quality " (or similar) based on quality and contribution indicators. In the participatory process it must be specified if they must pay for the certificate, or if they must contribute X percentage of each project of Decidim that they obtain. It should also be specified how Decidim distributes the demand for instalation and services that it receives. [ES] Para avanzar en el autofinanciamiento de Decidim necesitamos realizar un proceso participativo donde se aclaren los criterios de contribución (económica, en código y prácticas) de las empresas que trabajan con Decidim. Planteamos que las empresas tengan un certificado de "empresas con calidad Decidim" (o similar) en base a indicadores de calidad y contribución. En el proceso participativo debe concretarse si deben pagar por el certificado, o si deben aportar X porcentaje de cada proyecto de Decidim que consigan. También debe concretarse cómo se distribuyen las peticiones de instalaciones que recibe Decidim"


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