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Metadecidim Reloaded ⚡️

Avatar: Official post
Official post

Hi there! 👋

Since its launch, Metadecidim has been evolving, and has gone from being an experimental instance and mainly intended for dogfooding, to having its own entity, consolidating itself as the reference space for the Decidim community and its Association.

Although it is important that we continue "eating our own dogfood", we saw that it was necessary to reorganize the structure of Metadecidim and integrate it with other channels we use. This will make the way we organize ourselves more understandable to people who are approaching the community for the first time, and will allow us to reactivate discussions, working groups and more horizontal dynamics to people who have been part of it for a long time.

We've been working with great excitement to present this proposal at our annual meeting point, the Decidim Fest! Like everything in Decidim, it is a first iteration, and we count on your feedback to keep improving it 😊.

Whether you're new around here or not, we recommend you start by taking the tour through the new Metadecidim 🚂! Leave us a comment below telling us your overall impression, and if there's anything you'd change. For sure, we've left out a lot of things, especially when translating in 3 languages, so typo warnings are welcome too!


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