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Collaborative proposals

Avatar: Carol Romero
Carol Romero

Is your feature request related to a problem? A clear and concise description of what the problem is.

The collaborative drafts feature is currently underused, as it has several usability issues. To begin with, there are 2 different wizards, one for creating a collaborative draft and one for (individual) proposals. This also presents maintainability problems at the code level (the draft wizard is totally outdated).

The purpose of collaborative drafts is to co-create proposals, but there is no reason why they should be separate from the rest of the proposals.

Describe the solution you'd like

As a participant, I want to be able to...

- [ ] ... have a single proposal creation wizard, with a checkbox at the last step where I can flag whether I leave the proposal open for collaboration.

- [ ] ... navigate both individual and collaborative proposals through the same index.

- [ ] ... filter by the proposals that are open to collaboration.

- [ ] ... request access to participate in a collaborative proposal.

- [ ] ... get a notification/mail saying wether my access request has been accepted and/or rejected.

- [ ] ... view all changes that have been made to a colaborative proposal through version control.

- [ ] ... view a homogeneous interface for the common elements of individual and collaborative proposals.

As an author of a collaborative proposal, I want to...

- [ ] ... get a notification/mail when another participant requests access to the proposal

- [ ] ... be the only one who can accept and/or reject new contributors to the proposal

- [ ] ... be the only one who can withdraw the proposal

Describe alternatives you've considered

Keep the two workflows separate, updating the outdated wizard.


1) New wizard

2) Index of proposals

3) View as the author of an individual proposal

4) View as the author of a collaborative proposal

5) View as the contributor of a collaborative proposal (request access)

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Additional context

Note: as one of the people who originally participated in the design of this feature, the hypothesis was to have a space for co-creation of proposals, without time limitations to edit them and facilitate collaboration among participants. This actually presents time synchronization problems with the "individual" proposals (while individual proposals cannot usually be edited after 5', collaborative proposals have no time limit).

After 3 years probably it makes more sense to hypothesize that during the proposal creation phase there should be no time limit for editing proposals, whether they are individual or collaborative. This could be solved by modifying the current setting, and simply allow the editing or not of proposals in a phase.

This raises some issues, for example, should the collection of endorsements and/or supports be allowed while proposals are open for editing? In my opinion clearly not. But limiting this by code is very tricky because of legacy. Instead, a warning should be displayed explaining the risk of simultaneously editing proposals and collecting support/endorsements.

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