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Community Meeting: Decidim 101, thematic groups updates and open call for content

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

You are all invited to this community call, which brings 2023 to a close and gives you a glimpse of the new meeting format that we have imagined for 2024.

This program includes a permanent open call for ideas, so that any member of the community can present, for example :

  • an interesting use case of Decidim ;
  • the development of a new module ;
  • a new Decidim community in the making ;
  • and any idea you could have!

This will also be a space where thematic groups (translations, design, etc.) can present their progress and questions (if they so wish) and recruit potentially interested people!

Finally, we want to create this format to facilitate the on-boarding of newcomers to the community, so that they feel welcome and can quickly identify the different areas where they can contribute and the people they can turn to.

You want to share something with the community? Let us know in the comments section and you'll have a dedicated time during the meeting!


Bienvenida [16:00 - 16:10]

Welcome to newcomers in the community, round of presentation.

Thematic groups updates [16:10 - 16:20]

Ideas selection [16:20 - 16:40]

Presentation of the ideas selected from the open call for content process.

Open Q/A [16:40 - 17:00]

Ask your questions!

Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome! Quick presentation of participants

  • Thematic groups updates

  • Community Showcases

    • Pokecode: Showcase the module Reporting Proposal, Presented by Pau

      • Demo available here:, codebase here: (0.26-0.27 compatible, 0.28 on the roadmap)

      • How it does work?

        • It will add some functionalities to the existing proposal component

        • Participant will be able to choose a place on the map (with a Use my location button).

        • Participant can upload a photo

        Allow participant to pin a proposal on a map to have a FixMyStreet alternative inside Decidim. The proposal will be compared by geographical proximity 📍

    • Pokecode: Showcase the module Participate on a PDF

      • Demo available here:, codebase here: (0.26-0.27 compatible, 0.28 on the roadmap)

      • A new component to be able to upload a PDF and allow participant to write suggestions. How it does work?

        • The admin upload a PDF

        • The admin will design zones where the participants can suggest modifications

        • The participants will be able to suggest on the zones, and manage their suggestions.

        • Suggestions are anonymous for the administrators 🎉

  • Q/A and comments


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