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LAB Metadecidim - Session 15. decidim.feminism: Decidim from a feminist perspective

Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats
Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona
Room 1 (3erd Floor)
OpenStreetMap - Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona
Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting

This new edition of the LAB Metadecidim, analyse and correct/improve the Decidim project. In this sense, it is proposed to open a debate around different aspects of the project taking into account its layers, technology, politics The session is structured in the following way: 1st part with four presentations of experiences and reflections that move around feminism, gender studies, technology and philosophy, with the aim of putting them in dialogue with the Decidim project and helping us to guide the 2nd part of the LAB, in which a series of challenges are going to be raised and from workgroups are going to be developed to think about their possible integration in .


  • To open a dialogue between Decidim and different approaches and experiences of feminism.
  • feminist perspective from its different layers: the technological, through the development of the code, the technopolitical through the language of the platform itself or the mechanisms of digital participation and, finally, the political layer, following the design of the processes of democratic participation.


10:30h Presentation of the LAB Metadecidim

  • Tayrine Dias (IN3-UOC)
  • Arnau Monterde ( Project Coordinator, Barcelona City Council)

10:40h Presentations

  • Ida Susser (Anthropologist, City University of New York)

  • Sònia Ruiz (Departament de Transversalitat de Gènere, Ajuntament de Barcelona)

🎙️ Rádio Decidim XRCB // Spotify // ivoox

  • Marta Delatte (Liquen Data Lab)

🎙️ Rádio Decidim XRCB // Spotify // ivoox

  • Laura Benítez (Philosopher)

🎙️ Rádio Decidim XRCB // Spotify // ivoox

  • Marta Cruells (Regidoria de feminismes i LGTBI, Ajuntament de Barcelona)

* We will also have a zero row with the following participants: Thais Ruiz de Alda (Digital Fems), Katty Solórzano Cedeño, Jesssica Sena (Geochicas), Laura Álvarez (Departament de Transversalitat, Ajuntament de Barcelona)

12:15h - 13:45h LAB Metadecidim Workshop

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Listen to the talks on Radio Decidim


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