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This page groups this assembly's previous activity, when between 2017—2018 it was active under the name PX Team (Participant Experience).

In 2024, this assembly was reattributed to the Design community, active since 2022 on Elements and in need of a space on Metadecidim. Both activities being simillar but still different, it was chosen to archive the PX Team's content here.

Past meetings can still be found on the meetings page.

About the PX Team assembly (2017-2018)

In this area, we want to delve into the open discussions in LAB #Metadecidim monthly, as well as other research challenges connected with the development of Decidim and online democracy.

You can join this working group attending the monthly meetings (virtually or physically) that we organize within the SOM community-meetings, and/or you can also join our Telegram group. 

How to contribute

Elisava return

In X SOM, on April 5, we have presented the results of the projects Elisava students have focused on analyzing and improving the experience of the Decide participant.

Here is the presentation we have made to the SOM.

And here we leave you the links to the complete works of the groups. As you will see, they have done a great job and we hope you enjoy it!

(this part is under construction, we will upload a presentation, dossier and video of each group)

Group 1


Group 2

Dossier 1

Dossier 2

Group 4


Group 5


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