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This list is an evolving collection of official & community design resources, guides and user research. See something missing? Let us know in the chat!


Decidim Design Guide

This guide is a resource for designers and developers who need to customize, develop new modules, and integrate new features. Official design guide (nightly)

Developer Accessibility guidelines

The purpose of this guide is to provide some simple tips on how to follow the accessibility guidelines when developing the Decidim user interface. Decidim official website

Design resources

Decidim UI iconset (0.28+)

Remixicons is the standard for the icons you can find in the redesigned Decidim interface available since 0.28. You can also find them all in the Figma file above. Decidim UI iconset

(Legacy) Decidim design system (0.24-0.27)

This Figma file was maintained by the community and covers most of the components, screens and design patterns up to version 0.27. Figma file
Looking for the current design system (0.28+)? Click here

(Legacy) Decidim UI iconset (0.X-0.27)

Ionicons was the standard for most of the icons you can find in the Decidim interface prior to the Redesign implementation. However, some icons in Decidim were custom (not available in this set). Decidim UI iconset

User research

Metadecidim heuristics review (2023)

Resulting from the work of Katarina & Carol, this work document contains recommendations to improve metadecidim's UX. Read the report

Usability tests (2023)

Resulting from the work of Katarina & Carol, these figma files contain recommendations to improve Decidim's usability. (full results from the tests coming soon) Figma file with comments, Figma prototype, Main flows (.png format)

Accessibility for Dyslexia audit (2022)

Pierre Mesure collaborated with students to evaluate text accessibility in the context of dyslexia and propose solutions to improve usability for text-based content. View the Figma file here

Perceived credibility of Geneva's Decidim platform (2020)

Using a quantitative (attrakdiff method) and qualitative approach (user interviews), Octree researched a stratified sample of the population to determine it's perceived usability, credibility and attractivity among non users. Read the full report here

Tools & utilities

Image compression

ImageOptim is a free utility which allows to optimize image compression for web: available here.

Designers in FLOSS

Open Source Design

A community of designers and developers pushing for more open design processes and improving the user experience and interface design of open-source software:

Designers in OSS

A research exploring common challenges, goals and practices of designers contributing to OSS:


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