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Decidim is growing and so is the community. Become a member and participate in the project of the future!

Avatar: Juan

Times of change are coming to the Association! As you know, during the next months we will hold elections in the Coordination Committee. As a result of this participation process, we will have a new Coordination Committee and a new presidency for the next years!

Take the step and participate in the project of the future!

If you are already a participant of the Decidim community, here we explain you how to become a member. Only members can elect or be elected in representative bodies like this one.

Form to become a member

Who can be a member?

People over 18 years old involved with the project and the Decidim community can be members. If you are between 14 and 18 years old you can also be a member, but you need the consent of your parents or guardians. At the meetings of the working groups of the Coordination Committee we will evaluate and give an individual answer to each new request.

Requirements for persons

Those people who participate and contribute in some way in the Decidim community can be members through one of the following modalities:

  • Participation in the community. Contribute to the project with knowledge or practical experiences through several modalities (for example: organizing an event, assisting regularly in the debates, promoting a working group, encouraging dynamization or presenting a session) in channels such as Metadecidim Research Seminars or LID (Democratic Innovation Laboratory) meetings, Metadecidim Operational Sessions (SOMOS) or Community Days (JAM or DecidimFest).
  • Development. Contributions to the platform code, in the project documentation or in the software translations.

Why there are these requirements?

We want the Association to grow with the people and organizations that are really involved in the project. In this way, we try to ensure that discussions, assessments and decisions about the code and about issues such as governance really serve to democratically grow the project and the community.

Rights of members

The members have the right, among others, to participate in all the participation spaces of the Metadecidim platform with voice and vote, to exercise their vote in strategic and internal decisions, to elect or be elected in representative bodies, to request and obtain explanations about the management of the Association's positions, to receive information about the activities and to make common uses that are established. Consult the list of all the rights in the statutes.

Duties of the members

The members have the duty to commit themselves to the Association's goals and to actively participate in achieving them, to contribute to its maintenance by paying dues and other economic contributions and to comply with the agreements adopted by the governing bodies. Consult the list of all the rights in the statutes.

Are dues mandatory?

Yes, and they can be a reason to cancel the association.

What is the individual fee?

The annual fee for individuals will be 40 euros in the year. If you want to be a member and you can't afford this amount, you can write an email and we will comment on it: associacio (at)

We are an organization or an administration. Can we become a member?

At the moment, organizations cannot become partners. This is a topic that we need to discuss in depth during the next few months.

What about cities and administrations?

Cities and administrations that want to participate in Decidim will be able to do so through the Committee of Cities and Organizations, but they will not be able to become members. Barcelona City Council plans to sign an agreement with the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Association. If you represent a public entity, you can ask to join the agreement here.

Participation mechanisms

The members will automatically be part of the General Assembly. In turn, participation is organized from different bodies, of which the following are foreseen:


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