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Decidim association is adhering to the manifesto in support of Palestine
ContextOn February 13th, 2024, after a request by a Decidim member, the Coordination committee decided to open a space in Metadecidim, in order to allow Decidim members to submit proposals for consideration at our Coordination Committee meetings. The idea was that Decidim members could propose agenda items, such as the celebration of a Decidim Day, the creation of a new Thematic Committee, a request for the Association to adhere to a statement or make a public stand, or other issues related to t…
📢 Propose your ideas to the Coordination Comittee
Dear Decidim Association Members,We are thrilled to unveil a new initiative aimed at fostering deeper collaboration between our Coordination Committee and all members. The Coordination Committee has decided to enable a new proposal component, available in the Coordination Committee assembly.What does this mean?🌐 Opportunity to Propose: Now, you have the opportunity to submit proposals for consideration at our upcoming Coordination Committee meetings. Whether you have a vision for a Decidim Day c…
Instructions and census for the Extraordinary Assembly
REMEMBER NEXT MONDAY 27TH 👉🏾 Extraordinary General Assembly of the Decidim AssociationAll members are welcome 🤗On Monday at 12h members will receive an email with instructions on how to vote.This is the list of members with right to vote for the Extraordinary Assembly on 27/03/2023:basicavisualalecslupufuriloandresangelaalotriadynnammobenganskybru_aguilocarolCharliedanieldabignemanueleFerranrgfblupiFranpingmarponsHfrogermicrostuditxemajuanllangtonmaite_lopez_sanchezmaite_omarta_platoniqNil_Homed…
Decidim project report 2021 | Community Coordination and Integration of Developments
During the year 2021 the Decidim Association has conducted a set of activities in the framework of the project "Coordination of the community and integration of Decidim developments".In the document linked below you can consult the details of all the actions carried out, which have been possible thanks to the subsidies granted by the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the contributions of our members.📄 Read the report
The Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and the Free Software Association Decidim sign a collaboration agreement to promote democratic participation with free and open technologies.
The Free Software Association Decidim has signed a collaboration agreement between the Department of External Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Barcelona City Council.The aim is to promote participatory democracy and to develop and implement open, free and democratic digital infrastructures for participation.It also seeks to promote the use of Decidim for citizen participation by both public administrations and social entities and to work co…
Renewal of the Coordination Committee - Voting results
The process of Renewal of the Coordination Committee has finished. The voting results are as follows: Andrés Pereira de Lucena - 15 votes Carolina Romero - 14 votes Yuni Salazar - 13 votes Núria Alonso - 13 votes Pablo Aragón - 13 votes Silvia Luque - 12 votes Ángela Precht - 12 votes Bru Aguiló - 11 votes Juan Linares - 10 votes Fran Keller - 6 votes Pau Parals - 5 votes According to the statutes, the new committee is formed by the 9 most voted people (5 women and 4 men). The seats have been agreed upon by…
🤳🏽 Votes to the new Coordination Committee of the Decidim Association
From today to 17 January, Decdim members already can vote in the process of Renewing the Coordination Committee of the Decidim Association.🗳️ You can support the candidates hereIn total, 11 nominations have been submitted...thank you very much! In the vote, up to 9 supports can be distributed (see the Internal Regulation for more information). Once the results have been validated, the new Coordination Committee will be proclaimed to take over the next few years.Good luck to all ;-)
Are you a Decidim partner? Already you can present your candidature at the Committee of Coordination
Submission of candidatures for the renewal of the Coordination CommitteeThe second phase of the participatory process is already active. All Decidim members can apply (individually or collectively) for the future Coordination Committee.☝🏽Present the candidacyWhat are the rules?The Coordinating Committee Election and Renewal System is a procedure to choose Coordinating Committee members appointed to the following positions: chair, treasurer, secretary and members who do not correspond to the spok…
Decidim is growing and so is the community. Become a member and participate in the project of the future!
Times of change are coming to the Association! As you know, during the next months we will hold elections in the Coordination Committee. As a result of this participation process, we will have a new Coordination Committee and a new presidency for the next years!Take the step and participate in the project of the future!If you are already a participant of the Decidim community, here we explain you how to become a member. Only members can elect or be elected in representative bodies like this one.…
🗳️ Still haven't voted? Consultation to renew the Coordination Committee. July 15-29
The last Assembly held on July 10 we discussed the amendments received to the text on the Decidim Association’s Coordination Committee Election and Renewal System that will allow us, in the fall, to renew the current Coordination Committee of our Association. In accordance with our statutes, in order to approve this regulation, we have enabled a consultation on it.You have all the rest of July (from the 15th to the 29th) to participate and approve or reject the proposed regulation that we have d…
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