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Decidim Association’s Coordination Committee Election and Renewal System

Avatar: Juan

Last February 20th, the current Provisional Coordination Committee of the Decidim Association communicated an extension of its mandate, extensible until September 2020. The aim was to ensure a smooth renewal of the ongoing Coordination Committee. The Committee also decided to open to the Decidim community the possibility to take part in defining the renewal mechanism, which is not yet defined.

How will the renewal work?

The Committee’s proposal includes two phases. The first involves a debate with the Decidim community around the Coordination Committee Election and Renewal System. The participatory text will be moderated by the Coordination Committee. The resulting text will be incorporated into the Internal Regulation of the Decidim Association.

The second phase will involve the presentation of the debate and the results at the next General Assembly of the Decidim Association, convened on July 10th, 2020, at 10am, CET.

Do you want to take part in the debate on the Committee’s renewal?

Here you will find the Coordination Committee Election and Renewal System participatory text. At the moment, the text is only in Catalan :-(

Who can take part in the debate?

Decidim fellows have a right to voice and vote in this participatory process: they will be able to make amendments and comment on the text. The members of the Decidim community, instead, will have the right to voice but not to vote: they will be able to make comments on the participatory text, but not amendments.

What is the Coordination Committee?

The Coordination Committee is an organ that administers and represents the Association.

Who forms part of the Coordination Committee?

The organ is composed by the president, the secretary, the treasurer, the spokespeople of the thematic committees (article 25 of the Statutes), and the rest of spokespeople. All these charges are unipersonal, so they have to be exerted by different persons. Here you can check the members of the ongoing Coordination Committee.

How are Committee members chosen?

Each member of the Coordination Committee will be chosen by the General Assembly for a mandate of four years. The Committee will be renewed partially every two years. On the first turn there will be a renewal of the secretary and the treasurer, and half of the spokespeople. On the second turn, the rest of the Committee will be replaced. We are arguing the details of how we want to make it through the Metadecidim platform. The result of the debate of the text will be incorporated into the Internal Regulation of the Association.

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