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Open the meetings created by participants?

Avatar: Official proposal Official proposal

During the Open Assembly that took place last week in the Decidim Fest, some members of the Association asked for the possibility to open self-convened meetings to participants who want to organize a meeting related with Decidim.

This proposal brings up a debate about the basic rules that we need to define in order to clarify which kind of meetings would be allowed to take place in Metadecidim.

We open this debate to start the discussion within the Association and with the aim of taking a final decision in the next General Assembly, with the concrete proposal of a set of rules.

The debate was closed on 14/02/2023 13:25 with these conclusions:

Thank you all for your participation. A document will be drafted shortly, taking as a starting point the contributions made to this debate.

Some questions to address the discussion:

  • What should be the basic principles that constitute the rules for self-convened meetings?
  • Who can convene meetings, and should we limit it to a census?
  • What kind of meetings are allowed to be convened?
  • What kind of meetings are NOT allowed to be convened?


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