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Decidim in a complex ecosystem

Avatar: Bru Aguiló
Bru Aguiló

The context
Canòdrom - Ateneu d'Innovació Digital i Democràtica
instance is use case that tries to make an abstraction of a complex ecosystem. The participants’ range goes from people of the neighbourhood to resident projects or experts. In our instance, you can find governance proposals, cultural agenda or workshops. Furthermore, we have a participatory historical memory project. We are currently undergoing a redesign process.

What we want to do
The main aim of the workshop is to share this knowledge. And in addition to this, we would also like to know other singular instances and identify the challenges and elements to take into account in order to deploy a new instance. These elements are technological basis, strategic communication, storytelling and mobilization, spaces and components, hybrid dynamics of participation, requirements of accompaniment and digital sustainability, among others.

Methodology and output

  • Key elements of Canòdrom instance: participatory nature, its target and model participants, redefinition processes.
  • Other cases of singular use.
  • Division into working groups to identify key and common elements when thinking about the successful deployment of an initiative.

Output: final report with the key strategic elements to take into account when deploying an initiative. It will be the result of the shared knowledge of Metadecidim community members :).

Maximum number of participants: 20
Number of people facilitating the workshop:
Between 2 and 4
Language of the workshop:
Catalan - Spanish, also in English if needed
Logistical needs:
Screen, post-its and flipchart
Do you need support to come to Barcelona?
No :)

Codesigned proposal with @nuria_alonso



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