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27 meetings

[Workshop 3] An experimental simulation of Participatory Climate Budgets with Decidim
[Panel 1] Frontiers of democratic research: deliberation, artificial intelligence, rankings, crowdvocacy
[Workshop 4] Prototyping an augmented democracy situation room
Tech of our own: how to grow a business with a purpose
Values-driven technology for democratic transformation
Economic Sovereignty and Pro-Common Governance: Decidim the economy of Barcelona
[Workshop 2] Case study and development of a hybrid deliberation work methodology
Beyond data capitalism: exploring democratic alternatives for the datafied society
Helsinki participatory budgeting and user experience
[Workshop 1] Taking care of each other
[Panel 3] Participation in practice (II): public space, data, empowerment
[Panel 2] Frontiers of technological and democratic innovation: feminism, blockchain, cybersecurity, sortition
[Panel 1] Participation in practice (I): participatory processes and budgets
[Workshop 1] Hacking Decidim: I have installed Decidim, now what?
Collaborative Code is the Future of Cities
Cultural Wars: cyber-sorority and new forms of fascism
Gender violence and feminist self-defense
Is everything lost? Privacy in the age of permanent connection
Digital democratic infrastructures for a democratic society
Implementing Participatory Democracy in Mexico City: Challenges and Future Plans
Welcome and opening
Open Assembly of the Decidim Association
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