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403 proposals

No es pot eliminar un usuari Admin que no ha acceptat la invitació
Strange behaviour when click on icon next to endorse button
The privacy feature doesn't duplicate in a new process of an original private process
Author doesn't receive notifications when its debate is commented
I can't comment as a Group
Cannot access notifications on 0.10.x
In the activity, the proposals of the groups of participants show the participant who created it
Actualización estado campana de notificaciones
Merge & Split proposals
Apareix el nombre de vots amagats
Mòdul processos actius no té en compte el pes dels processos
Official proposals in sortitions
Error message trying to acces to users verification
When you create a meeting, notification is sent to the participants even if it is not published
Error merging proposals that come from a meeting
Admin menu missing on assemblies
Pages display order is not the same in 'pages/index' and in the main_footer
The results within a project are not shown chronologically in the public view
The process stats counters don't count well all the parameters
Search engine on initiative doesn't work properly
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