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406 proposals

Filter selector not working on Mobile (with Firefox)
Amendments can't be blocked
Error when a meeting becomes author of a proposal
Impossible to delete a "survey" component
When you create a meeting, notification is sent to the participants even if it is not published
While editing my bug notification I could not acces the "attachements" box
Picker in Modal within Scopes don´t show special characters
After removing a proposal, it keeps saying I have created one
Wrong naming consultations
Missing part of url: notification where a file is attached
The verifier errors are shown duplicated one over the other
The withdrawn proposals are taken into account with the limit of proposals per user
Formulari d'esmenes no mostra errors de validació
Quan faig login al Detall d'una Trobada, em redirigeix al mapa
Proposal templates without line breaks or with html characters (when I define a new template)
Failure when filtering initiatives by tag
Participant cannot vote (suppport proposal) if authorized
Paging error in metadecidim reporting bugs
CallToAction button on Phases
No permet copiar i enganxar a la descripció
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