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403 proposals

Notifications does not work on Metadecidim
Category no appears on Debates Card
Locale update fails on sanity checks
When adding members to an Assembly they don't show up publicly
Multiple authorship is lost when collaborative draft is published
Wrong naming consultations
A user can reply to a comment even though comments are blocked
Participatory texts - several format issues in document view
Error relating proposal to budget projects
Error crowdin translation on Continuity badge
Proposal templates without line breaks or with html characters (when I define a new template)
Feedback needed after Endorsing
Editing homepage appearance error
Broken metrics task: comment
Participatory text with wrong format should return an error on upload
Create debates as a normal user in a private assembly
Reason for account deletion
Can not secure Consultations with verifiers
Error de traducció
Terms and conditions aren't shown on an event registration process
Cal imatge de banner contingut resaltat sempre
No resta el comentari amagat per moderació en el recompte de comentaris
The evolution of the result presents visualization problems [component accountability]
Does not fit the text with the box
Error showing meetings that takes place during more than a day
I can't comment as a Group
Validació de la longitud de les propostes
Import from proposal to budget component loses scope
Updating meetings error
GraphQL: Cannot return null for non-nullable field
Error de servidor al aceptar invitación a
Error als links de les trobades
The process stats counters don't count well all the parameters
The Google + sharing button should be deleted on Decidim
Actualización estado campana de notificaciones
Adhesions should not be Enable by default
Inconsistent home page statistics vs dataviz (different numbers and labels)
[WCAG 2.1 / AA: 3.2.2] Do not dynamically change the page content on filtering forms
Message error trying to join as a Promoter on an Initiative
Creació automàtica de perfil en convidar usuari via CSV
Apareix el nombre de vots amagats
Assembly cards on assemblies home page display too much content
Participatory text - Amendments are displayed in the index of the participatory text
Participatory texts - workflow document upload
Withdrawn proposals should not be selectable in sortitions
Delete @ on contextual help for Nickname when Signing Up
Impossible to delete a "survey" component
Some styles have been changed/lost in cards
Language switcher doesn't work in Homepage widgets
[CRITICAL] Vote/support button not responsive
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