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405 proposals

Participant cannot vote (suppport proposal) if authorized
After removing a proposal, it keeps saying I have created one
Bulletin board No run in producction mode
The date of the proposals does not appear on the XL card
Interface: Use of 'support' to mean 'vote' can be confusing
Proposal template in markdown does not render style
Notificación en idioma francés con Decidim en català y castellano
En el mòdul de consultes no funcionen els components
User nicknames don't check cases when checking for uniqueness
Error en notificacions email en canviar d'estat una proposta
Error when a meeting becomes author of a proposal
Paging error in metadecidim reporting bugs
Error when creating new scope for initiative type
Past processes displayed under Active Processes
Unable to edit collaborative draft with attachment if attachment is enabled after it's creation
Statistics automatically displayed when creating a new participatory process
Stats for processes: Participants
Two buttons "create" and "send" when creating a managed user
Participatory texts - file format support in admin
Admin menu missing on assemblies
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