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405 proposals

Editing homepage appearance error
Al clicar sobre un adjunt no s'obre en una nova pestanya
Multiple notifications of the same "event"
Next meeting in Assemblies homepage is not correct
Picture in newsletter have wrong URL and not shown
When user has no nickname nothing displays in conversation title
Can not hide a comment through moderation
Followers badge doesn't show the actual number of followers
Documents and collections should move up to the top of webhooks and related content in process page
When editing a meeting, the description is filled in with the title text.
Filter selector not working on Mobile (with Firefox)
Multiple authorship is lost when collaborative draft is published
Create debates as a normal user in a private assembly
Import from proposal to budget component loses scope
Private assemblies are shown when becoming childs from another assembly.
Admin menu missing on assemblies
Cannot cancel an up/a down vote on a comment
Iniciativa registrada y con 4 apoyos no aparece en el menú iniciativas
Terms and conditions aren't shown on an event registration process
Notificación en idioma francés con Decidim en català y castellano
Geocoding issue with chilean addresses
Some activity types are never shown on activities block/page
IE11 - Notification settings are not working
Creació automàtica de perfil en convidar usuari via CSV
I could not attach a picture when notifying a bug
Duplicate children assembly displays as a mother assembly
Impossible to see the public profile of a user who has a "." in its nickname
Es mostra malament la informació d'un resultat al mòdul seguiment
Time error configuration on debates
Email is case-sensitive during sign-in
In the activity, the proposals of the groups of participants show the participant who created it
Include asterisk in the required field
Pages display order is not the same in 'pages/index' and in the main_footer
Conversation threads don't diplay in the correct order (most recent first)
Name of submitter not included in Proposal component export
Extra useless button in the admin page for accountability statuses
Linking Assemblies
Endorsement doesn't generate notifications to followers
Clicking on edit a proposal from the frontend leads you to the general table of proposals.
No desa configuració butlletins a la configuració de notificacions
Detected language does not work as expected
The initiative created with a sub-scope, when it is managed, is assigned the general scope
Announcement message displays on meeting form
When clicking Ammendments in participatory text, decidim creates a new one instead of displaying them
Return 404 if user does not exist
Cal imatge de banner contingut resaltat sempre
Non-member users can participate to a private, transparent assembly
Invitation link to committee members does not work (initiative)
Generar un usuario privado no queda en el registro de actividades de administración [Asambleas]
Administration of User Officialitation
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