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Results of the Extraordinary SOM: Constitutional Assembly of the Decidim Association.
The 16th of February from 10:30 to 14h is going to celebrate an Extraordinary SOM on the occasion of the Constituent Assembly of the Decidim Association.This association has the will to be the instrument of governance of the comunitat Decidim, but on this occasion it will undergo the approval of two important documents in order to carry out this process of governance:Among the highlights of the day's agenda:     the proposal of Statutes;     the proposal for members of the Coordination Committee. T…
EXTRAORDINARY SOM: Constitutional Assembly of the Decidim Association
Next Saturday, February 16 from 10:30 to 14:00 we will celebrate an Extraordinary SOM on the occasion of the Constitutional Assembly of the Decidim Association.The Decidim Association is born with the will to be the instrument of governance of the community Decidimos.Among the items on the agenda we emphasize:   The approval, if necessary, of the proposal of the Statutes;   and, the approval, if necessary, of the proposal of members in the Coordination Committee. To facilitate participation in the …
Document of the Statutes to be voted on !
You can find the pdf of the first proposal of the Statutes to related documents inside the folder with the name 'prosposta de Estatutos', with the different amendments and comments made by the community. Changes can be viewed based on the changes in the first draft.This is the proposal of Statutes that we will submit for approval on February 16 in the EXCEPTIONAL SOM: Constituent Assembly of the Decidim Association.Only people who have been previously verified can vote in the assembly. If you ha…
First draft documentation
Remember that tomorrow January 15 we will publish the first draft of the Statutes and internal organization chart so that you can make your amendments and comments. These documents will also be discussed and we will work on the SOM on January 17th.For more information and registration: 17th Metadecidim Operative Session (SOM)
Ya podéis empezar a dar apoyos a las propuestas
The supports have been opened so that you can begin to give support to those proposals that you think are most suitable for the process.You have time until January 10, 2019.
Last days to receive proposals for governance
More proposals for a more democratic community. You still have time to make proposals for our future system of democratic governanceHow long do I have to make proposals?You can make proposals until the 28th december.Why is it so important to participate in the process?We will decide how we will be in the future, which decision and representative bodies we will endow ourselves with in order to remain an autonomous, transparent and democratic organization of the Decidim Project. Which are the next …
How to contribute to proposal creation.
At last, the most creative and participatory phase of the community governance process begins. In order to contribute constructively we explain how this phase is thought and how we can do it collaboratively.Official proposals. The proposals that appear as "official proposals" have been overturned in this way because they are proposals elaborated in many previous meetings and elaborated and re-elected by the Decidim team and by the community and the Governance axis.Collaborative draft. Before cre…


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