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Last days to receive proposals for governance

Avatar: Juan

More proposals for a more democratic community. You still have time to make proposals for our future system of democratic governance

How long do I have to make proposals?

You can make proposals until the 28th december.

Why is it so important to participate in the process?

We will decide how we will be in the future, which decision and representative bodies we will endow ourselves with in order to remain an autonomous, transparent and democratic organization of the Decidim Project.

Which are the next steps?

SOM January 17: come to the II work session where the first draft documents will be presented: the Statutes of the project Decidim and the organizational chart. This work session is part of the Metadecidim Operational Sessions (SOM) that belong to the SOM Metadecidim Assembly. Registration here.

Next phases: check all the phases planned in the same governance process.

Remember: to participate actively in the community and with all rights, check yourself beforehand as a participant here.

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