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Extraordinary Assembly of the Decidim Association - Joining Coop57

Avatar: Official meeting
Official meeting
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All members are called to an extraordinary meeting.

Proposed agenda

  1. Follow-up of the Coordination Committee's actions
  2. Collecting dues from individuals
  3. Admission of the Association as a member of Coop57

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Elisenda, Txema, Nuria, Pau, Ivan, Pablo, Bru, Bru, Carol, Angela, Andres, Marta.

Point 1. Follow-up of the steps taken by the Coordination Committee

Carol explains the status of the 2021 project and presents an update of the different activities that are being carried out:

The report of activities corresponding to the subsidy of the Generalitat has been presented together with the rest of the documents and at the moment we have been asked 2 requests to complete the documentation provided. From the first week of December we will start the justification of the subsidy from the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Point 2. Collection of dues from individuals

As agreed in the previous assembly, the collection of the annual fee of 40 euros has been activated for members, and the form for admission of new members has been enabled again, incorporating the fields related to the direct debit data.

Point 3. Admission of the Association as a member of Coop57

The coordination committee has been evaluating several options to provide the Association with sufficient cash flow to be able to meet the fixed expenses for the beginning of the new year, and in anticipation that the arrival of the subsidies may be delayed.

We contacted Coop57, a cooperative of ethical financial services, especially focused on social and solidarity economy projects. Among the financing options they offer are loans to advance the amount of subsidies. But to qualify for any of its services, the Association must become a member of the cooperative.

The decision to become a member of Coop57 was taken to the Assembly, and the decision was unanimously approved.

Other points discussed

Carol proposes to open an informative channel where members can follow the committee's activity more frequently, beyond the updates at the assemblies. As we have just set up a space in Matrix/Element, it is proposed to open a room there. It was agreed to open it, notify the members and see how it works.

Txema asks about the issue of dues for legal entities, which is still pending the establishment of the conditions for organizations to participate as members. It is proposed to close a proposal before the first quarter of 2022.

We have received a proposal for collaboration in a European project. Carol comments that with the current structure of the Association it is complicated to assume the tasks required by a project of this type, and Pablo comments that he agrees, proposing to have a meeting with the people who have contacted us and make a decision on the matter. The deadline for the call is April 2022. Txema also comments that it may be interesting to subcontract us, instead of participating as partners, since the workload would be less and perhaps more manageable.


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