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In this edition, we again have an open call for proposals!
✨ We invite the community to propose workshops and lightning talks for Friday, October 25th. This year, we will feature two formats:

  • Workshop: Practical and participatory sessions aimed at sharing practices and knowledge (90 minutes).

  • Lightning talk: Focused presentations on specific topics, with various speakers in a single session (10 minutes).

Submit your proposals here, and a curator committee will select around 8 to 10 to fill the schedule.


  • Devs & design: Developments or customizations of Decidim, including integration with AI or other technologies, usability issues, and participant experience in Decidim.

  • Research & data: Decidim case studies, studies of citizen participation, or the use of free libre open source technologies for democracy.

  • Participation & methodology: Innovative practices using Decidim.

  • Climate & democracy: Use cases of Decidim or participatory processes related to climate issues.

  • Other

How will this process work?

  • Proposals submission (13/06 - 14/07)

  • Review process (14/07 - 19/07)

  • Publication of results (24/07)

  • Management and finalization with workshop participants (september-october)

Criteria for selection:

  • Proposals will be selected by a curator committee.

  • Follow the template provided when creating a new proposal.

  • Proposals must fall within the defined categories and revolve around Decidim or be related to the project.

  • Proposals must be feasible with the available infrastructure and materials at the venue.

The Decidim Fest team reserves the right to discard any workshop due to logistical difficulties. The organization will provide spaces equipped for the workshops (wi-fi, chairs, tables, and screen/projector). Sorry we can not pay flights and accomodation.

If you have any questions, email:

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