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406 proposals

Error message finalizing proposal amendments with participatory texts
Geocoding issue with chilean addresses
En el mòdul de consultes no funcionen els components
Custom colors don't seem to apply everywhere
[Critical] Managed users with same name "steals" other person's identity
Shared data between organization
Ordenar dates de les trobades/asambleas
Author doesn't receive notifications when its debate is commented
The organizer of a meeting has two "@" in front of his nickname
Scope filter deselection doesn't work
Newsletter recipient selection is not saved when returning to newsletter edit screen
The results within a project are not shown chronologically in the public view
Missing part of url: notification where a file is attached
When editing a meeting, the description is filled in with the title text.
Missing some translations when someone I follow its officialitzation is updated
Tool tip text displayed with tags on "Visit URL" link
Error 500 after creating a sub assemblee which disappears from the assemblles list
The Google + sharing button should be deleted on Decidim
Error 500 when creating a participatory text without an uploaded file
Tamaño del archivo del Documento de Identidad - Falta de aviso
Direkt link to create new debate gives error for not logged in user
Als mòduls de propostes no es veuen les propostes rebutjades
The privacy feature doesn't duplicate in a new process of an original private process
Participatory texts - workflow document upload
Con coincideixen xifres de participants
Loss of hero image when the udpate 013.1 to 0.14 is made
User mention doesn't work always
Modal window doesn't close - receive HTML page
In the minutes of the session, a blank box appears if there is only audio or video
Wrong label "No participants" in Participant CardM
Default org colors still show up for a milisecond at loading
Reason for account deletion
When clicking Ammendments in participatory text, decidim creates a new one instead of displaying them
Els pressupostos no notifiquen que has excedit el limit pressupostari
Format de l'informe de tancament de trobada
Picture in newsletter have wrong URL and not shown
Detected language does not work as expected
Header snippets field can't be updated
Notifications are sent if user posts a comment referring their own proposal/idea/etc.
Terms & conditions preview is not readable on Register page
The proposal card layout is broken on tablet portrait screens
Proposed improvements to the user validation flow
Wrong URL leads to czech pages on
Impossible to access/edit/delete a page created in
The proposal sidebar layout is broken on tablet portrait screens
Es mostra malament la informació d'un resultat al mòdul seguiment
Picker in Modal within Scopes don´t show special characters
Merge & Split proposals
Filtre de propostes per categoria no funciona al mapa
Typo en uno de los textos de "sobre la comunidad"
Amendment not withdrawn
Link to "download your data" doesn't work
Varios errores en Newsletters con plantilla no básica
Static map disable HERE map functionality
It is not possible to make official participant groups
Some activity types are never shown on activities block/page
Consultations created before version 0.16 do not work if there is no scope (global scope)
Online cricket betting
PDF creation within Initiative not translatable
Problemas de funcionamiento con las Iniciativas
Links in Proposal's body disappear
Bug on initiatives due to description length
The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.
Continuity badge counter does not reset
Create debates as a normal user in a private assembly
Error crowdin translation on Continuity badge
Als butlletins no es mostren vídeos encastats
Wrong translations on email when someone gives support to a proposal
Error when entering a Conference event
When you create a meeting, notification is sent to the participants even if it is not published
Docker installation Decidim development fails
CSV per convidar usuaris privats no mostra motiu d'error
Announcement message displays on meeting form
Error on meetings page / upcoming meetings
Updating meetings error
Multi tenant keeps all types initiatives of different tenant and displays all in each tenants
The initiative created with a sub-scope, when it is managed, is assigned the general scope
Scopes filtering is missing in Accountability component
The evolution of the result presents visualization problems [component accountability]
No funciona correctament el procés de votació en una consulta
[WCAG 2.1 / AA: 3.2.2] Do not dynamically change the page content on filtering forms
User nicknames don't check cases when checking for uniqueness
Creació automàtica de perfil en convidar usuari via CSV
Special character like ampersand not accepted on email subject
The process stats counters don't count well all the parameters
Error when a meeting becomes author of a proposal
Error merging proposals that come from a meeting
Falta informació a notificacions de trobada
Conversations not generating notifications
L'enllaç del #hashtag es incorrecte
Withdrawn proposals are showed in the proposal index
As an admin, I should be able to preview an unpublished component
Why can we still comment or follow a withdrawn proposal ?
Terms and conditions aren't shown on an event registration process
Duplicate children assembly displays as a mother assembly
"Daughters' assemblies" are still shown despite having been unpublished
Metric for Participants in the Admin Dashboard is too high
I can't publish the answer to the proposals
Random order is re-calculated when user goes back to proposals list
Participatory texts - too many restrictions on editing proposals
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