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405 proposals

Can not secure Consultations with verifiers
Al clicar sobre un adjunt no s'obre en una nova pestanya
Links in Proposal's body disappear
Interface: Use of 'support' to mean 'vote' can be confusing
The "sub-assemblies" button isn't available to the admin after 1 generation of assemblies
The Google + sharing button should be deleted on Decidim
Scope filter deselection doesn't work
Announcements on Assemblies components are not shown
Geocoding issue with chilean addresses
Tamaño del archivo del Documento de Identidad - Falta de aviso
Error en la visualització dels comentaris a l'Ultima Activitat (HOME)
Scopes filtering is missing in Accountability component
[Critical] Managed users with same name "steals" other person's identity
El nou buscador, està mostrant propostes que no estan públicades
I can't comment as a Group
Wrong dates debates and Order Debates
The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.
Private assemblies are shown when becoming childs from another assembly.
L'input tipus date_field no funciona correctament quan s'entra la data manualment.
Missing some translations when someone I follow its officialitzation is updated
Inici de la validació tècnica de les iniciatives amb 2 seleccionats a la Comissió de Promoció per part de l'usuari
Registro de bots (spam)
Attachments are lost when publishing a collaborative draft proposal
Default org colors still show up for a milisecond at loading
Assemby admins must not be allowed to send newsletters platform-wide
Rename ar_SA to ar generic in Decidim languages
Error merging proposals that come from a meeting
Error on meetings page / upcoming meetings
Use target "_blank" for attachments & external links
Error downloading "My data"
Continuity badge counter does not reset
Everyone can see the activity of private processes
La imatge de perfil no agafa la resolució correcta
Import from proposal to budget component loses scope
Threshold support/voting needs to be better distinguished from maximum votes
Quan creo una proposta veig la proposta draft d'algu altre!
Les dates d'inici i fi del procés apareixen de manera automàtica amb errada ortogràfica: en català els mesos van en minúscula i cal apostrofar.
As a registred user I can answer a survey with verification
Al editar una proposta pot canviar l'autor involuntàriament
A user can reply to a comment even though comments are blocked
Consultation icon does not display correctly on Notifications
[CRITICAL] Vote/support button not responsive
Impossible to delete a "survey" component
The date of the proposals does not appear on the XL card
Pages display order is not the same in 'pages/index' and in the main_footer
Sign button text doesn't change to "already signed" for initiatives
Admin menu missing on assemblies
Custom colors don't seem to apply everywhere
GraphQL: Cannot return null for non-nullable field
The hashtag is not rendered in the user's timeline
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