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This proposal has been implemented

Accepted proposal that is reflected in several articles of the proposed Statutes (article 10. Òrgans consultius <nd the secció vuitena. Art. 33). Although the word committee has been replaced by advice since it will be part of the consultative bodies of the association.

The Internal Rules proposal also consists of category 3. Organs and Functions, in the specific section of the subcategory Consultative Bodies and in the Organization Chart, which will take into account the comment that the Board should be entrusted with: '"collect requests for characteristics of the institutions". It should be in charge of animating this community so that the club of users is more.

This would mean:

- Organize periodic physical encounters.

- Organize participatory budgets to collectively fund new developments.

- Improve the exchange of good practices

- Sharing useful resources'

You can make your amendments and comments on these articles in the participatory text.

[ES] Comité de ciudades y administraciones / [EN] Committee of cities and administrations

Avatar: Official proposal
Official proposal
[ES] Crear un Comité donde estén presentes todas las ciudades y otras administraciones supramunicipales usuarias del Decidim que tenga como funciones recoger las propuestas de mejora que puedan realizar las administraciones sobre el proyecto. [EN] To create a Committee where all the cities and other supramunicipal administrations that are users of the Decision are present, whose functions are to collect the proposals for improvement that the administrations can carry out on the project.


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