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Supports are subject to the following rules:

  • You can support up to 10 proposals.
  • In order to be validated proposals need to reach 5 supports.
  • Each proposal can accumulate more than 5 supports

This proposal has been implemented

Proposal accepted despite having only 2 supports for considering the creation of bodies (committees) that start from the collaborative work of the members of the community on specific issues and whose revitalization is essential.

This proposal will be included in the final Internal Regulation document.

You can make your amendments and comments on these articles in the corresponding participatory text.

[ES] Reforzar y dinamizar los comités o ejes de trabajo de la comunidad / [EN] Reinforce and dynamize the committees or work axes of the community

Avatar: Official proposal
Official proposal
[ES] Reforzar los comités o ejes TECH (tecnologías), GOV (gobernanza), PR (procesos), PX (experiencia participante), COM (relato), LAB (investigación). [EN] Reinforce the committees or axes TECH (technologies), GOV (governance), PR (processes), PX (participant experience), COM (story), LAB (research).


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