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Supports are subject to the following rules:

  • You can support up to 10 proposals.
  • In order to be validated proposals need to reach 5 supports.
  • Each proposal can accumulate more than 5 supports

This proposal has been implemented

Proposal accepted and included in the proposal of the Statutes in the Secció tercera. Els Comitès temàtics (Article. 19).

It is also explicit in the proposal of the Internal Regulation in category 3. Organs and Functions, subcategory Governing bodies and organization chart, although it should be developed in the final document.

You can make your amendments and comments on these articles in the corresponding participatory text.

[EN] To create a Product Committee / [ES] Creación del Comité de Producto

[EN] The product committee is responsible for ensuring that in the development of new functionalities the social contract is taken into account as well as the technopolitical principles of the project, the vision and the mission. The product committee works together with the technical office, it could even be part of it. It is part of the functional and technical discussion of development and must validate any type of new contribution to be developed and is proposed to be integrated into the project's framework. [ES] El comité de producto es el responsable de garantizar que en el desarrollo de nuevas funcionalidades se tengan en cuenta el contrato social así como los principios tecnopolíticos del proyecto, la visión y la misión. El comité de producto trabaja junto a la oficina técnica, incluso puede formar parte de ella. Forma parte de la discusión funcional y técnica del desarrollo y debe validar cualquier tipo de contribución nueva que se desarrolle y se quiera integrar en el framework del proyecto.


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