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Supports are subject to the following rules:

  • You can support up to 10 proposals.
  • In order to be validated proposals need to reach 5 supports.
  • Each proposal can accumulate more than 5 supports

This proposal has been implemented

Accepted proposal (although with few support) for being consistent with the philosophy of the project and that should be specified in the final draft of the Internal Regulation.

You can make your amendments and comments on these articles in the participatory text

[EN] Ethical finances for Decidim / [ES] Finanzas éticas para Decidim

[ES] Proponemos que Decidim use la banca más ética (dentro de lo posible) para la gestión de sus recursos económicos. [EN] We propose that Decidim use the most ethical bank (as far as possible) for the management of its economic resources.


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