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403 proposals

Loss of hero image when the udpate 013.1 to 0.14 is made
Cannot cancel an up/a down vote on a comment
¿Es obligatorio empezar el texto de las propuestas con letras mayúsculas?
Newsletter recipient selection is not saved when returning to newsletter edit screen
The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.
Error message finalizing proposal amendments with participatory texts
The evolution of the result presents visualization problems [component accountability]
Endorsement doesn't generate notifications to followers
Error 422 for password too short when they invite you
No puc accedir a les trobades del procés de benvinguda
User invitation form doesn't render the text of the newsletter checkbox in the contact permissions section
Does not fit the text with the box
Prevent proposals from re-sorting on multi-paged lists
When you create a meeting, notification is sent to the participants even if it is not published
Links in Proposal's body disappear
Error when creating new scope for initiative type
Announcements on Assemblies components are not shown
En el mòdul de consultes no funcionen els components
In the minutes of the session, a blank box appears if there is only audio or video
Filtre de propostes per categoria no funciona al mapa
IE11 - Notification settings are not working
Limitation of characters in "creating" step initiatives
Cannot search for #hashtags in proposal search bar
Can't copy paste some camp body
Error downloading "My data"
No es pot eliminar un usuari Admin que no ha acceptat la invitació
Les insígnies no contabilitizen correctament els followers del meu perfil
Notifications does not work on Metadecidim
Detected language does not work as expected
Content sanitizing breaks proposal content
The reason field has been lost for impersonification
El nou buscador, està mostrant propostes que no estan públicades
Incomplete url in notifications for add a file
Administration of User Officialitation
Al clicar sobre un adjunt no s'obre en una nova pestanya
Types of initiatives are not displayed on left navigation filter-menu
Registro de bots (spam)
Procesos privados no funcionan
Process m-size cards are not properly displayed, they include too much content
Multi tenant keeps all types initiatives of different tenant and displays all in each tenants
Delete @ on contextual help for Nickname when Signing Up
No funciona correctament el procés de votació en una consulta
Wrong name for supports when are exporting proposals
When maximum supports is 0 it shouldn't be shown the threshold
Don't know what %{limit} is referring to on the message shown at image attached
Organization's census uploading fails
Error de traducció
Conversation threads don't diplay in the correct order (most recent first)
Pixelated photo when a process is displayed on the homepage
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