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405 proposals

Datepicker doesn't display the right date format in french
"Daughters' assemblies" are still shown despite having been unpublished
Admin can delete a whole participatory process even if it contains elements
Use target "_blank" for attachments & external links
Duplicate children assembly displays as a mother assembly
Problema con el servidor cuando pasas página de followers
Announcements on Assemblies components are not shown
Two buttons "create" and "send" when creating a managed user
Al editar una proposta pot canviar l'autor involuntàriament
Assemblies filter doesn't work properly
Free textfield in survey disabled when clicking on it on Safari
Metrics without data
Header snippets field can't be updated
Counter intuitive verification Lock icons
Error related to special characters to user names
Terms and conditions aren't shown on an event registration process
Add image when video not available on consultations
Notification sent event if proposal not published
Links in Proposal's body disappear
Meeting detail renders wrong author card size
Raffle does not show up publicly
[WCAG 2.1 / AA: 3.2.2] Do not dynamically change the page content on filtering forms
Error message finalizing proposal amendments with participatory texts
Mòdul processos actius no té en compte el pes dels processos
Sorting filter in frontend doesn't work properly
Iniciativa registrada y con 4 apoyos no aparece en el menú iniciativas
I can't publish the answer to the proposals
The privacy feature doesn't duplicate in a new process of an original private process
Private assemblies are shown when becoming childs from another assembly.
Error de servidor al aceptar invitación a
In the activity, the proposals of the groups of participants show the participant who created it
Missing some translations for Euskera and Galician in 0.14.1
Proposals can be modify even though they've received support or have been commented
Proposal templates without line breaks or with html characters (when I define a new template)
Last activity feed is not working properly
The reason field has been lost for impersonification
When adding members to an Assembly they don't show up publicly
Moderate comments visible in the Last activity block
Error al crear proposta col·laborativa
Comment as a normal user in a private assembly
Con coincideixen xifres de participants
The evolution of the result presents visualization problems [component accountability]
No es poden afegir més d'un adjunt a les propostes des del panell d'administració
Missing translations in ca/es/oc in the group creation form
Les insígnies no contabilitizen correctament els followers del meu perfil
Not authorized view od the question components
Filtre de propostes per categoria no funciona al mapa
Rename ar_SA to ar generic in Decidim languages
Posting a comment is very slow
Updating meetings error
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