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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

813 proposals

Let admin add the author's name and contact details when importing a proposal
Share with WhatsApp and Telegram
Cookie policy: accept and reject
Ability to disable the participatory space filters
Opci√≥n para que los componentes no salgan autom√°ticamente en el men√ļ
Template for answer proposal
Improvements for the participatory texts module
Add start and end date in the survey component to enabling an automatic open/close answers
Reconeixement automàtic de links
Configuration option for disabling automatic browser language detection
M√≥dulo ‚ÄúEspacio de colaboraci√≥n‚ÄĚ
Integració amb BigBlueButton (BBB)
Improvements to the participant group feature
GDPR - Right to object processing of personal details
Ability for admins to create new user accounts
Proposals - Internal tags for administrative purposes
Send multiple notification emails in one ‚ôĽÔłŹ
If I am private user of child assembly I am private user of mother assembly
Introduir sèries de trobades
Let's go impulse shopping for budgeting projects
Comments: authors able to change
Alphabetize sub-scopes in filters
Add statistics block to show proposal repartition in categories and areas
List display for proposals' index
Add ordering capabilities and display options to budget index
Add text edition features for the report field when closing a meeting
Templates for surveys
Add back to list link
Configurable timezones per user
Adapt image (CSS) for every tenant
UX / Allow sorting for budgeting projects in the UI
Free settings of Users Rights
Online meetings option
Budgets - Voting results
Delete button for a participatory space
Improve surveys with enhancements
Configure an entry page for each process
Enhance officialization table in admin
Add versioning to initiatives
Show end time in the card and detail of debate
Allow process admins to add private users
Allow the admin to send an initiative to technical validation after it was discarded
Better handling of the date in Notifications
Afegir imatges al cos de les pàgines
Initiatives promoter committee invitation enhancement
Postal access code verification for anonymous survey responses
Exportar i importar enquestes
Duplicate questions in consultations
Organize Assemblies
GDPR / Right to be forgotten - User authorizations metadata
Signature gauge for child scopes
Provide new option to support a proposal: with a scale
Publication date field for blog articles
Para cada fase --> panel de El Proceso con diferente información
Implement pagination for scopes index
Proposta millora (iteració) component enquesta
[EN] Possibility to sort assemblies acocording to scopes / [ES] Posibilidad de ordenar las asambleas en función del abasto
Provide a URL to be able to sign up + become member of a private space
Improve the score of comments
Online Meetings with videconferences
User flow / guidance tool
Configurable special login route for admins
Suggest to the users that register via Oauth subscribing to the newsletter
Provide "good" password rules
Change the link in author tooltip to send easily a message to the author
Possibility to configure default sorting for porposals
Enable card images for debates
Apoyar autom√°ticamente la propuesta creada por el usuario
Edit my private notes (Proposal component)
Add the ability for an admin to contact a user directly
Incorporar informació del pressupost al seguiment de resultats
Add vote count per budget on budgets index in BO
Mail invitació reunió a membres
Preguntar y almacenar el √°mbito del usuario
Notifications on publish reports to meeting organizers
Grouping multi-choice questions
Voting rules on budget module
Allow contacting participants for ID validation
Import projects into a budget from a file
Skip petition type selection screen when there is only one petition
Individual contexts and scopes
Opción de pre-visualización para texto propuestas
Import proposals from spreadsheet
Impersonate user session ending gains admin access
Moderation missing on Debate feature
Create Initiatives export
En Usuarios de Asamblea implementar el campo de nickname
Add votes from Budgets component to the available metrics and statistics
Ability for users to withdraw their meetings
Definir edat mínima i edat màxima
Allow admins to "internally" categorize proposals into different scopes
Add show password option on sign in, sign up and forgot password forms
Expand participatory process status types
Registre d'aportacions en el panell d'usuari
Voice Contributions
Add attachment(s) in a survey answer
Add view source to text editor in admin
Integration with Jitsi
Include a bit of additional details in the HTTP 500 error page message
Ability to use reverse geocoding
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