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403 proposals

Unable to edit collaborative draft with attachment if attachment is enabled after it's creation
Official proposals do not allow denunciation or moderation.
Inconsistent home page statistics vs dataviz (different numbers and labels)
Resend confirmation instructions - Hard to understand error message
Limiting the value of projects for participatory budgets
Free textfield in survey disabled when clicking on it on Safari
Assemblies filter doesn't work properly
Threshold support/voting needs to be better distinguished from maximum votes
Participatory text with wrong format should return an error on upload
Linking proposals to results for accountability
Terms & conditions preview is not readable on Register page
Error downloading "My data"
El botó per "Deixar de donar suport" continua dient "Ja li has donat suport""
When adding members to an Assembly they don't show up publicly
Comments are missing on the home stats
Debate category is not saved correctly
CSV per convidar usuaris privats no mostra motiu d'error
Can not secure Consultations with verifiers
I can't comment as a Group
Error 500 after creating user. Decidim Initiatives
I could not attach a picture when notifying a bug
Current tenant shows verifiers that aren't enabled on multi tenant system
Unable to change Categories on proposals
Header snippets field can't be updated
Desaparece enlace a panel de administración
The organizer of a meeting has two "@" in front of his nickname
Datepicker doesn't display the right date format in french
Error merging proposals that come from a meeting
Can not hide a comment through moderation
Visualizaciones en seguimiento PAM inactivas
Error in configuration limit of files to be uploaded in the process of user validation by DNI
Error en la traducció de Properes Trobades en català
Not possible to upgrade 0.17 without conferences
Apareix el nombre de vots amagats
Tamaño del archivo del Documento de Identidad - Falta de aviso
Wrong label "No participants" in Participant CardM
Public profile navigation broken on narrow mobile screens
Limitation of characters in "creating" step initiatives
Direkt link to create new debate gives error for not logged in user
User group can endorse several times a same proposal
I wasn't able to sign up via facebook/google.
Al clicar sobre un adjunt no s'obre en una nova pestanya
Comment as a normal user in a private assembly
Recomposició de respostes quan fas el modul enquesta
Unknown problem when creating a meeting
Newsletter Preview
Error on meetings page / upcoming meetings
Hipervínculos para seguimiento
Editing homepage appearance error
Rename ar_SA to ar generic in Decidim languages
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