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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

807 proposals

Change term "Address" => "Location"
Allocated Votes for Participatory Budgeting and other votes
Notify author when proposal is selected in sortition
French inclusive writing
Allow users/participants as a possible entry for sortition
Opt out for moderation messages
Link to notifications settings in every email notification
Add filtering capabilities to meetings index page in admin
Show remaining budget for user in budgeting module
GDPR - Right to be forgotten - Ability for admins to delete user accounts
Allow admins to delete an official proposal
Allow one to many relations for scopes
Adding new docs in a proposal
Add confirmation email with answers in survey questionnaires
Send a notification when a post has been published
UX / Allow sorting for budgeting projects in the UI
Change "change password" process to make user retype current password
[EN] Enhancement to surveys: Id + Visible without logging
Introduir sèries de trobades
Allow to filter assemblies by type
Bugets - Allocate budget for specific categories
Re-integrated EU eIDAS-compliant Italian SPID Authentication
Disable the language selector in the account settings if only one locale is configured
Expand participatory process status types
[Security] Add an external link warning
Make Decidim EU cookie laws compliant
Ability for users to withdraw their meetings
Possibility to configure default sorting for porposals
Bulk actions to block reported participants
Espacio para crear el Portal de las entidades
Add anchors to different sections in the process/assembly pages
Enhance accessibility for disabled users
Make meeting report editable by the author in front-end
Add instant input validation on authentication forms
Enable external registration links
Selective indication of a comment's original language
Let admin create proposals even when not active for participants
Maximum number of projects to be voted on on Budget component
Comments: authors able to change
Alphabetize sub-scopes in filters
Create a Media Gallery component
When Etherpad integration is enabled, use those notes for the minutes field when closing a meeting
Añadir datos públicos de contexto a los procesos y debates de la ciudadanía.
Provide "Debate" as top level menu item
Add an "open trash" space for inadmissible initiatives
Enable "Pages" space as a module for processes
Include village / city / region heraldic in scopes
Merge actions of "Minutes" and "Close" in meetings
Improce content discoverability (SEO)
Non anonymous survey answer
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