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Analytics and statistics


403 proposals

Error on meetings page / upcoming meetings
The evolution of the result presents visualization problems [component accountability]
The results within a project are not shown chronologically in the public view
I wasn't able to sign up via facebook/google.
Delete @ on contextual help for Nickname when Signing Up
Detected language does not work as expected
Al ocultar un comentario publicitario en un encuentro, este no se elimina de la página de inicio de Erabaki
Dashboard crashes when Proposals are deleted
The answer options of a Decidim::Form aren't saved correctly when created.
Does not fit the text with the box
The initiative created with a sub-scope, when it is managed, is assigned the general scope
Neutral terminology in initiatives
Accés al submenú "Participants privades"
The filter by scope to initiatives doesn't work
Encuentros duplicados en portada
Bug running migration "Fix user names"
Error searching by scope in the search engine
Loading wrong default locale
Deleting an organization is not working
Locale update fails on sanity checks
Participatory text with wrong format should return an error on upload
Formulari d'esmenes no mostra errors de validació
Not possible to upgrade 0.17 without conferences
Columnes amb dates, no mostren l'any
Mentions to a participant are not rendered correctly in email notifications
Group endorsements do not work properly
I'm just getting notifications from the people I follow
Private assemblies are shown when becoming childs from another assembly.
#hashtag not rendered correctly in notifications and emails
Error 422 for password too short when they invite you
Error accepting admin invitation
Include asterisk in the required field
Cannot search for #hashtags in proposal search bar
Header snippets field can't be updated
Default org colors still show up for a milisecond at loading
Limitation of characters in "creating" step initiatives
Impossible to make a form in a duplicate meeting
Rename ar_SA to ar generic in Decidim languages
Import from proposal to budget component loses scope
Wrong label "No participants" in Participant CardM
Everyone can see the activity of private processes
Extra useless button in the admin page for accountability statuses
Error visiting a proposal on a participatory text-enabled component
Error 500 when creating a participatory text without an uploaded file
Free textfield in survey disabled when clicking on it on Safari
In the activity, the proposals of the groups of participants show the participant who created it
Impossible to access/edit/delete a page created in
Titol dades estadístiques processos
Invitació a participar bloqueja el registre d'usuari
In the minutes of the session, a blank box appears if there is only audio or video
The reason field has been lost for impersonification
When you create a meeting, notification is sent to the participants even if it is not published
Content sanitizing breaks proposal content
Dynamic multifield sections do not currently work correctly with IE11
Participatory text - Amendments are displayed in the index of the participatory text
Participació en xifres surt els quadres en negre.
Signatura iniciativa a través de SMS
It is not possible to make official participant groups
Do not notify if the user triggers a notification to themselves
Consultations created before version 0.16 do not work if there is no scope (global scope)
Linking to other modules than proposals in comments always leads to proposal links
Cannot cancel an up/a down vote on a comment
The verifier errors are shown duplicated one over the other
IE11 - Notification settings are not working
Unauthorized actions with user manager roles
Resend confirmation instructions - Hard to understand error message
Stats for processes: Participants
Random order is re-calculated when user goes back to proposals list
Nickname validation is not in place
Error related to special characters to user names
"Daughters' assemblies" are still shown despite having been unpublished
Terms and conditions aren't shown on an event registration process
Failure when filtering initiatives by tag
Email is case-sensitive during sign-in
"Back" link brings to "Complete" step when comparing proposals
Unable to edit collaborative draft with attachment if attachment is enabled after it's creation
Missing part of url: notification where a file is attached
No permet copiar i enganxar a la descripció
Broken metrics task: results (wrong SQL query)
Broken metrics task: comment
Comment as a normal user in a private assembly
The withdrawn proposals are taken into account with the limit of proposals per user
Unable to manage Consultations components
Wrong dates debates and Order Debates
Clicking on edit a proposal from the frontend leads you to the general table of proposals.
Amendments can't be blocked
Continuity badge counter does not reset
No es descarreguen correctament les dades de text lliure d'una enquesta
Error en notificacions email en canviar d'estat una proposta
The hashtag is not rendered in the user's timeline
Wrong translations on email when someone gives support to a proposal
I can't edit a collaborative draft
Error crowdin translation on Continuity badge
Error homepage of internal links with locale as a parameter
Pixelated photo when a process is displayed on the homepage
The video is not shown in the description of the debate
I can't comment as a Group
Ordenar dates de les trobades/asambleas
Debate category is not saved correctly
Error when entering a Conference event
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