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Analytics and statistics


405 proposals

PDF creation within Initiative not translatable
FIltering results via category
Titol dades estadístiques processos
Organization's census uploading fails
Assembly cards on assemblies home page display too much content
Error when generating external component: uninitialized constant Decidim::Generators::ComponentGenerator::Bundler (NameError)
Error when creating new scope for initiative type
Inconsistent home page statistics vs dataviz (different numbers and labels)
Error en notificacions email en canviar d'estat una proposta
Missing translations in ca/es/oc in the group creation form
Deleting an organization is not working
Comments are missing on the home stats
Proposals can be modify even though they've received support or have been commented
Añadir imágenes tras modificar propuestas
Notification and/or mail missing when registering for a Meeting
Error en la traducció de Properes Trobades en català
Cannot search for #hashtags in proposal search bar
Notifications are sent if user posts a comment referring their own proposal/idea/etc.
Al editar una proposta pot canviar l'autor involuntàriament
Conversation threads don't diplay in the correct order (most recent first)
En el mòdul de consultes no funcionen els components
Locale update fails on sanity checks
Threshold support/voting needs to be better distinguished from maximum votes
Participatory texts - error uploading UTF-8 files
No funciona el enlace de invitación a admin
Assembly "Admin has added you" notification includes unresolvable URL
Crear tipos de ámbito, no funciona
Notifications does not work on Metadecidim
Assemblies filter doesn't work properly
Dynamic multifield sections do not currently work correctly with IE11
Decidim Team Assembly is shown 3 times
When adding members to an Assembly they don't show up publicly
Translation mistake on Initiatives component
Notification error with strings
Modal window doesn't close - receive HTML page
When editing a meeting, the description is filled in with the title text.
Invitació a participar bloqueja el registre d'usuari
Receiving notification when someone endorses and/or comments my proposal
Message error trying to join as a Promoter on an Initiative
Falta traducció en castellà al actualitzar un usuari Admin
Error homepage of internal links with locale as a parameter
Error relating proposal to budget projects
Picker in Modal within Scopes don´t show special characters
Visualizaciones en seguimiento PAM inactivas
I can see comments and endorsements icons when they are disabled
No puc accedir a les trobades del procés de benvinguda
Withdrawn proposals should not be selectable in sortitions
Al editar una proposta es perd la geolocalització
Linking Assemblies
Broken metrics task: comment
Public profile navigation broken on narrow mobile screens
Differences between Metrics and Stats
Columnes amb dates, no mostren l'any
Cal imatge de banner contingut resaltat sempre
Filtre de propostes per categoria no funciona al mapa
User group can endorse several times a same proposal
Error 422 for password too short when they invite you
Wrong naming consultations
Importar propostes pot crear propostes duplicades
Participatory texts - repeated notifications when making an amendment
La imatge de perfil no agafa la resolució correcta
The "sub-assemblies" button isn't available to the admin after 1 generation of assemblies
Al clicar sobre un adjunt no s'obre en una nova pestanya
Posting a comment is very slow
Metric for Participants in the Admin Dashboard is too high
Bug running migration "Fix user names"
Al Sign-in falta traduccions (en català) en l'error de contrasenya
Participatory texts - too many restrictions on editing proposals
Proposed improvements to the user validation flow
Types of initiatives are not displayed on left navigation filter-menu
Language switcher doesn't work in Homepage widgets
The privacy feature doesn't duplicate in a new process of an original private process
Statistics blocks number overlaps text underneath
Impossible to delete a "survey" component
Neutral terminology in initiatives
El botó per "Deixar de donar suport" continua dient "Ja li has donat suport""
Editing homepage appearance error
Error crowdin translation on Continuity badge
Terms & conditions preview is not readable on Register page
Delete @ on contextual help for Nickname when Signing Up
Error al intentar acceder al configurador de permisos dentro de un componente.
Tamaño del archivo del Documento de Identidad - Falta de aviso
Invalid "This group doesn't have any members yet".
Dashboard crashes when Proposals are deleted
Error maquetació serveis a les trobades
Error in "follows" counter
Extra useless button in the admin page for accountability statuses
Progress meter ne devrait pas dépasser 100%
Moderate comments visible in the Last activity block
Error als links de les trobades
Participatory texts - workflow document upload
Missing part of url: notification where a file is attached
Als butlletins no es mostren vídeos encastats
Can not hide number of supports
Error related to special characters to user names
Mòdul processos actius no té en compte el pes dels processos
Linking to other modules than proposals in comments always leads to proposal links
Messages appear duplicated on conversations.
Incomplete url in notifications for add a file
Actualización estado campana de notificaciones
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