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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

812 proposals

Survey - Raw data auto-treatment
Moderation missing on Debate feature
Send notification to user when their comment has been voted up/down
Provide a URL to be able to sign up + become member of a private space
Condorcet voting
Community Module - Jitsi Meeting
Add the ability for an admin to contact a user directly
Targeted communication to groups of people
Private components within public spaces
Enable attachments in blog posts
Send reminders to users with pending votes
Make the survey section conditional
New sorting criteria for proposals - Most endorsed
Add a hint to the nickname in the registration process
To improve the Terms of Service (TOS) block in the sign up
Add start and end date in the survey component to enabling an automatic open/close answers
Add accessibility preferences in participant profile
How to coordinate various platforms on different administrative scales?
Add time zone configuration for meeting component or platform globally
Information only option on surveys
Survey - Don’t allow user access to the next step in case of error
Add comments to open data files
Visualizing the summary of a process
Afegir delegació de vot al mòdul consultes
Move the Version box below the action buttons box
Multilingual URLs for language versions
Add homepage block feature latest blog posts
Import proposals from spreadsheet
Improve Diff visualization for amendments
Delete button for a participatory space
Gamification of the administration
Improvements for the participatory texts module
Add a third meeting type for hybrid event (in person and online)
Let admins crop pictures on Decidim
Show remaining budget for user in budgeting module
Better UX - Make the listing cards more simple
Let admin create proposals even when not active for participants
Possibility to automatically activate process steps
Add a "Return" button in the FO to get back to indexes
Add a CSV export of signatures for initiatives
Majority judgment method
Improve the error feedback on input errors
Allow users/participants as a possible entry for sortition
Improving open data feature on Decidim
Online meetings for user generated meetings
Option to keep authors and followers when Proposal -> Project
[EN] Duplicate the survey in the same process and in different processes / [ES] Duplicar la encuesta en el mismo proceso y en procesos diferentes
Use neutral terminology
Change attachment photo image alt texts to the title
Change term "Address" => "Location"
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