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33 proposals

Stakeholders, Users, and Who Else?: Constituent Groups for Reimaging Collective Impact
Democratizando el Futuro
Dialoguem! Sociophysical modelling, data analysis, and visualization for augmented deliberation.
Can a chatbot foster participation at Decidim?
How peacefully use VAR's methodologies to improve Contributive Intelligence, e-g Non IA, to create Master Communs (in French here Oeuvrer les communs)
Building a digital platforms network
Experimenting new formats of Microparticipaciones with Decidim (less is more)
Apropriação CosmoTécnica: A importância das experiências de Decidim na Amazônia para a reconstrução da Democracia Brasileira
Legislative Theatre: Collective Intelligence on Stage
El poder colectivo de múltiples comunidades: La experiencia de integrar la herramienta EJ en Decidim
Frente pela Soberania Digital: Decidim como plataforma para Governança Colaborativa 🌱❤️🌈🙌🏼🌍🚀
Packing the interface simplifications by the Brazilian experience
Simplifying to reach millions
CampAIgn Acceleration Methodology
Modelo +Digital: recuperando la confianza ciudadana por medio de la gobernanza colaborativa en Argentina y Colombia
Community Safety Database and participatory processes of community regeneration
Collective power and integration: Integrating a Brazilian free software with Decidim
How to ensure emerging technologies remain fit-for-democracy? Learning from Decidim and
Decidim City Assemblage. Unleashing Decidim's Potential for Inclusive Urban Governance from Barcelona to NEW DELHI
Democratizing AI Procurement: Harnessing the Power of Decidim
Hall of Mirrors: Recoding policy for AI commons from the margins
Ilustre Municipalidad de Valparaíso/ El Debate de las Cuidadoras
The Power of Decidim Awesome: Enhancing Participatory Democracy
La dinamització de processos híbrids amb la plataforma Decidim: disseny i implementació
Technopolitical Transitions: Expectations and Promises in Decidim
Configurations of Digital Participatory Budgeting
Minimizing effects of underlying inequalities in digital democratic innovation
From digital platforms to digital public spaces
Benchmarking Decidim: What Can We Learn From Similar Platforms
Digital Environments for Care and Democracy: youth-led policy making and accountability
Estudi sobre els pressupostos participatius a Catalunya: extensió pel territori, ús de les plataformes participatives i avaluació ciutadana.
¿Me importa más cómo se toman las decisiones o que el resultado coincida con mis preferencias?
Towards ethical participatory budgeting / Hacia presupuestos participativos éticos / Avancem cap a pressupostos participatius més ètics
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