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To propose a new feature or functionality or an improvement or change upon an existing one, first please check out that it is not already on the roadmap, or that it hasn't been discussed already. Try to be as clear as possible when making a new proposal and take into account the instructions provided on "The Process" section. Thanks for contributing, your ideas and proposals are very valuable for this project.

822 proposals

Send notification when initiative reaches 100% of support thereshold
Imatge en el cos de la proposta
Bloquear usuarios después de múltiples intentos fallidos
Basic socio-demographic data on participants
Add initiative creation in the authorization parameters
Configuration option for disabling automatic browser language detection
Permetre comentaris en la funcionalitat pàgina
Order assemblies and processes in public page
Canviar l'icona de les Enquestes per que no es confongui amb la d'informació
Better UX - Make the listing cards more simple
Add extra field exporting proposals
Ability to hide and show questions when editing questionnaire
Send a single notification when both proposals and proposals' answers are uploaded in bulk.
[EN] Chronologically order participatory processes and assemblies / [ES] Ordenar cronológicament los procesos participativos, asambleas y cons
Let admins edit in the backend meetings that they created in the frontend (and vice-versa)
Text enriquits per a les actes de les Trobades.
Improvements on decidim-accountability module
A better Decidim in Docker
Send multiple notification emails in one ♻️
Displays all yep, nope and neutral in colums
Identificador únic automàtic al procés de registre d'usuari
Admin analytics dashboard
Opt-in to newsletter when using OmniAuth registration method
[EN] Single definitition for scopes and areas + new administration role [ES] Única definición para ámbitos y áreas + nuevo rol de administración
Descentralización e integridad
CSV census for verifications
Add notification setting for reported users
Gestión de verificación de identidad digital
Make Decidim EU cookie laws compliant
Search capabilities and bulk action for private users
Add commentable `body` to comments export
Admin can revoke old verifications
See the full content of comments in Notifications
Improvements on "collaborative draft --> to proposal" flow
Survey logic feature for Decidim Survey
Allow contacting participants for ID validation
Change XLS exports to XLSX (XLS worksheets limited to 65,536 rows)
Individual contexts and scopes
Maximum characters for questionnaire text answers
Make debate end date
Private notes for initiatives
As an admin I want to be able to add custom links on a participatory space navbar
Url aliases for participatory spaces
[Security] Add an external link warning
Notify registration code in my account
Group actions for budgeting projects admin
[EN] Change text button assemblies when there are no components
Suggest to the users that register via Oauth subscribing to the newsletter
Add start/end time in Consultations
Change term "Address" => "Location"
Allow all members of a group to edit a proposal submitted by their group
Add text edition features for the report field when closing a meeting
Fully editable secondary navbar
[Admin] View the category and subcategory of each result
Allow defining static page content using the content blocks
Allow assembly admins administer children assemblies
Organize Assemblies
Allow deleting sections from preview view after participatory text import
Automatic 'follow' of private users in participatory spaces
ActivityPub support
Attachments to accountability results
Create a Media Gallery component
Mail invitació reunió a membres
Allow admins to "internally" categorize proposals into different scopes
Add config field to set max size of uploaded files by admins
Implement pagination for scopes index
Calendaris compartits per a la plataforma decidim
Add a "Return" button in the FO to get back to indexes
Ordenar proyectos por votos
Ability to disable participatory space view hooks (e.g. proposal listing)
Export only the current selection in the admin
Add location data to proposals export and import
Add the ability for an admin to contact a user directly
Espacio para crear el Portal de las entidades
Announcements on Assemblies home page
[EN] Possibility to sort assemblies acocording to scopes / [ES] Posibilidad de ordenar las asambleas en función del abasto
Add the assemblies card in wich I participate in public profile
Reverse chronological order in conversations
Add confirmation email with answers in survey questionnaires
Add avatar to assembly members without a registered account
Add a config flag to disable the registration code
Better user experience related to Consultations/Questions
Meeting Calendar Providers
Design considerations for people with dyslexia
Add "Create proposal as" in admin "New proposal" form
Allow participants to write proposals without/before creating their account
Possibility to disable sign up / registering
Number of participants in each process and phase
File upload button redesign
Adapt image (CSS) for every tenant
Add initiative comment in the authorization parameters
Meetings: start and an end date for registration + a waiting list
Allow admins to see a participant's email from their profile page
Improce content discoverability (SEO)
Add an admin result page for consultations
Bulk actions to block reported participants
If I am private user of child assembly I am private user of mother assembly
User's private activity about budgeting votes
UX / Improve second level navigation usability on mobile
Disable "sortitions" and "budgets" by default
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